Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's winter already?

As many of you know, in order for us to move to this house on the mountain, a number of things had to fall into place in a short amount of time. And they did!  So now we ask "ok, Father, how can we use this place for your glory?" We seem to have found at least one of the answers to this question - hosting large groups of people. At the end of october, beginning of november, china celebrated two national holidays in the space of two weeks. We used both of these occasions to have people over to celebrate. At the first party we had 20-25 come up, and at the second we had over 40 come visit. We played games inside and hiked through the woods.  It was also a great time for Steve to gather everyone together and share with them the message of eternal life. Overall we had a great time hosting and look forward the next holiday - which in this case is thanksgiving (we told everyone that every holiday, chinese or american, we would open our house to any who would come.) Please be lifting up this time in advance, that more would come out and hear the good news! In the picture below, our friends are grilling squid on our front porch. It was raining so we couldn't put the grill in the yard.  Our house smelled like squid for days!

In other ministry related news, Steve has also recently begun to teach at a new B school here in town. This semester he is teaching verse by verse through the 3rd book of the NT. He is really enjoying teaching it and getting to know the students.

Family life - The Father answered two of our requests from last month - we were able to come up with a solution (at least temporary) for the internet, and the funds were provided for us to buy a hot water heater. This 2nd one has really come in handy because - It's really cold up here! We have had more rain lately, which has made the temperature drop significantly. Just the other day it was 50 degress (that's 10 for those who may be fahrenheit challenged) in the kitchen! Right now we have consolidated the sleeping arrangements into the two smallest rooms - rooms that can heated with space heaters.   It is working so far, but it's hard to believe we just entered November! But it  has been a blessing to know that, rain or shine, we can still take a hot shower!

The weather has also done a number on our health. For the last two weeks, we have been taking turns being sick (fever, cough, runny nose, etc). Abishai seems to have gotten the worst of it, and has been sick for nearly 2 weeks straight now. We certainly appreciate your 'thoughts' towards him and the rest of us for health.

Praises - In mid-october Carissa was able to attend a weekend women's retreat just outside of our city. She was really blessed and encouraged during this time;
 We celebrated Dayuma's 6th birthday party! We can hardly believe that it was six years ago, in Ethiopia, that the Father blessed us with this precious one;
 We got internet and hot water!
Requests - The upcoming events at our house;
 Provision and safety as we have to leave then re-enter the country next month for our visas;
Be blessed in the Father today!


  1. Amazing! Dudes, Timo hooked me up with your info. I was just in India for two weeks and hit up Timo when I got home and he brought you guys to memory. So rad to see your family and ventures. In India they have Calvary Chapel Trust (similar to charity) and they have these boys homes and girls homes to take in HIV children. It is terrible how many kids are left orphans because of HIV there. Not sure what the situation is where you are. What city do you live in, we have a giant map in our living room so we can mark where friends are to pray for them and shoot to visit. Let us know what we can be doing stateside!

  2. ps, hit us up at andrewndori @ g mail . c o m

  3. Hi there! I'm Heather and I wanted to know if you would be able to answer my question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)