Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Official!

Well, Steve went into NYC today and picked up our visas, so I guess it is now official - the Reeves family is moving to China! We were invited to teach at an international school in the SE of the country. We are very excited about this new step in our lives. Naturally there are some anxious moments as we have been preparing for this, but our friends and family have truly been amazing - encouraging, helping, supporting, and loving us. This blog is our attempt at keeping everyone updated on what's happening in our lives as we go. For now, we have two weeks until our departure (August 11th) with our arrival the following day. We have a three bedroom apartment awaiting us that is within walking distance to the school where we will be teaching. Then, we will have two weeks to get our new home up and running before the start of the school year!
All of our brothers and sisters have been so supportive of the calling on our lives. Our Dad has been faithful to provide all we have needed. He is ever faithful.

We are thankful for:
-Visas going through
-provision for tickets
-provision of place to stay upon arrival

Our requests are
-the trip; that's a long time with three small kids:) ask that it is uneventful
-the transition; that we can get into a routine quickly and for the kids to adjust
-language; that we can fully give ourselves to it's study