Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Safe and Sound

We made it to Kunming on July 2nd.  We have slowly gotten accustomed to our new surroundings, and neighborhood.  Ruthee does have her own room with bunkbeds!  She is finally able to protect her stuff!
Vaylah's birthday was a success.  She turned 7 July 20th. She was "asking" that our family would make friends quickly so she would have friends to come to her party.  He answered with just the right number of people....7!

Abishai made one new friend at the class Steve teaches on Sunday afternoon.  Steve was happy to introduce our family to his new students.  Please lift up all of our children as we have a ways to go in this transition. 
The big story for this summer is the second break!  Dayuma originally broke her left radius on May 26th.  On June 23rd we went to the hospital expecting to have the cast taken off, but discovered the bone had slipped back out of position and surgery was necessary to correct it.  We did the surgery on Tuesday, June 26th.  We moved to our new city just a few days later.  It has been a trial finding post op care in a different city.  We have learned the hard way that the Chinese do not often transfer the care of a patient.  Also Dayuma has been traumatized by the whole experience and threw quite a fit for anyone who attempted to remove the stitches or pin.  Finally, with the help of a "sister" MD from Singapore, a Chinese bone surgeon agreed to put Day to sleep to remove the pin and stitches.  We scheduled this procedure for Tuesday July 24th.  To our great shock, on Monday July 23rd she fell from a climbing place and broke her humerus ( the same arm) just under the shoulder (note exhibit A). 
We believe the best option is to fly Dayuma to a foreign friendly hospital in Thailand to diagnose and treat this second break.  Please stand in the gap with us as Steve travels with her to Bangkok to see a doctor trained in the "west".  They are leaving tomorrow July 26th. We are surprised at the timing of these events, but are confident that nothing can separate us from His love.  We know that this battle is not of flesh and blood and this step of moving has put a target on us. 
Naturally the cost of this trip is unexpected because it fell so close to our move.  Already the new friends we made here gave us the money to fly to Thailand.  Praise Him!   We will not know the hospital expense until the diagnosis.  We are believing that He will give us exactly what we need. We covet your prys more than ever as we enter uncharted territory within uncharted territory.  Please ask for our inner strength to be increased. We desire His presence most of all.