Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Months in

Well, December has crept up on us once again, and we finally have a working internet connection to let all of you know what has been going on these past couple months. So here's the big revelation - life here, after three months, seems normal. We still have to talk with a lot of hand gestures and the occasional animal noise (if it keeps me from ending up with the accidental plate of man's best friend, I'll put up with the laughs). We have settled into a nice daily routine, and are being kept busy teaching at school, and with the kids at home. Language acquisition is progressing slowly but surely, with classes three nights a week. Please continue to lift this up - so many doors for ministry will open the more we are able to converse in the native tongue.

The ministry here has had an interesting time lately. There was a major sporting event (the Asian games) in a nearby city, and because of this the government was on high alert. There were warnings issued to certain national leaders to suspend activities citywide, and in fact officials visited our school. We had to cancel normal activities for a couple of weeks, but are now back into the swing of things. The Saturday night 'foundational' class was also able to resume and is going great. Steve is enjoying getting to share with these young believers and getting to know them and their culture. Your pr**ers are coveted for this, both for protection and for a true move of the spirit.

On the health front, all is going well. Carissa is now 22 weeks, and feeling good. We recently got some packages from the states, so she now has some maternity clothes! Thank you so much to all who have sent over your love in package form :) The girls are doing great, all healthy, and getting as much attention as they possible could want every time we go out. Ruthee, of course, loves it; Vaylah is a take it or leave it kind of girl, and Dayuma, well, let's just say she ain't having it. Her chinese it not great, but her eyes clearly say 'don't even think about petting my hair'.

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving last week with some other teachers from the school, and it really was a great time. We were even able to get a turkey (imported from Hong Kong)!

Thanks again for all of your thoughts toward us, for we know that our Father is watching over us and we feel safe and secure in His hands.
We are thankful for: Good health, new friends and good fellowship
Our requests are : continued open doors with the people here; language acquisition; continued health for mommy and baby;

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our First Month

Our first month here has been quite a whirlwind: between starting school shortly after arrival and setting up house, stomach bugs and morning sickness, some great food and some not so good (example A: the raw chopped turtle, amongst other raw, chopped things, that were placed on the table in front of us one day), there has hardly been a spare moment. But our Father has been faithful, as He always is! We are finally beginning to get settled in here, and are finding our apartment to be just right for us. Within walking distance to school, as well as a few small stores where we can get necessities as well as fruits and vegetables, it is an ideal location for our little family! There are a number of other things that have just begun that we are also very excited and thankful for. This week was the first time that Carissa felt well enough to sing with the praise team during our little sunday fellowship. And this past saturday also marked the beginning of the 'Next' study, which is designed for building up new chinese brothers and sisters. Steve is teaching the men, and was blessed to have six guys turn out. Please ask the father that Steve would have wisdom and really be able to help give these guys a firm foundation, from which they will not be able to be moved.
The kids:
They are doing well and adjusting great. They are all excited about and love school. Ruthee was student of the week for her class in only her second week of school! She has also lost two more teeth since our arrival, which is making for quite the smile! Vaylah is also excelling. Many of you know some of the fears we had had that this transition would be very difficult for her. To our great joy she is doing far beyond our hopes, and is making us very proud. Day Day has her struggles (especially during mandarin class) but what two year old wouldn't after being moved 8000 miles and sitting in a class where she doesn't understand what's being said. She is also a real attention getter with the chinese (the other girls are as well); ther have been times where we'll be in a grocery store and look over and a stranger will be touching her hair - they are fascinated by the curls! They are amazing to watch - we are so blessed. And we are blessed to have all of thinking of us and seeking the Father over our lives and service. This is what we covet most of all. I'll post some pictures soon!

We are thankful for:
A relatively smooth transition,
A nice living setup
A fellowship to gather with
Opportunities to serve

Our requests are:
Help with language acquisition (we start tutoring this week, twice a week)
Continued safety and health
The Next study - the laying of a firm foundation

Friday, August 13, 2010

We made it!

Hello everyone! This is Alissa Kalczuk writing on behalf of the Reeves Family. This webite is blocked by the government so all of the wonderful blog updates you would have received will now come through email....

So....The Reeves made it to their destination. Carlos is with them to help with the transition. The plane rides went well. The first was 15 hours, the 2nd was 3. The girls did well and the Lord is sustaining Carissa. Please keep praying for her and this new little life she is carrying. They are at the apartment and getting settled in. They are on the 11th floor of their building and it has air conditioning! Yay! It is very hot and humid, so that is a blessing. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and a loft, so it's perfect. They are working on making it a home. They are 12 hours ahead of us, so that will help to know that as we lift them up daily.

Next week is orientation at the school, so a new life for the Reeves is getting started quickly. Pr**er requests are: For the whole family to adjust to the time as well as the culture, for Carissa to continue to have strength and to not feel sick, for Steve as he prepares to teach and for what is in store for other opportunities to share the good news and for them to begin to plug in to their surroundings and form relationships with the people around them.

Blessings to you all! Thank you for your love and pr**ers...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Official!

Well, Steve went into NYC today and picked up our visas, so I guess it is now official - the Reeves family is moving to China! We were invited to teach at an international school in the SE of the country. We are very excited about this new step in our lives. Naturally there are some anxious moments as we have been preparing for this, but our friends and family have truly been amazing - encouraging, helping, supporting, and loving us. This blog is our attempt at keeping everyone updated on what's happening in our lives as we go. For now, we have two weeks until our departure (August 11th) with our arrival the following day. We have a three bedroom apartment awaiting us that is within walking distance to the school where we will be teaching. Then, we will have two weeks to get our new home up and running before the start of the school year!
All of our brothers and sisters have been so supportive of the calling on our lives. Our Dad has been faithful to provide all we have needed. He is ever faithful.

We are thankful for:
-Visas going through
-provision for tickets
-provision of place to stay upon arrival

Our requests are
-the trip; that's a long time with three small kids:) ask that it is uneventful
-the transition; that we can get into a routine quickly and for the kids to adjust
-language; that we can fully give ourselves to it's study