Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We had about 25 people in our little apartment on Easter.  We all shared a big potluck meal together, followed by a time or worship and a message about the true meaning of the holiday, and the importance of the resurrection. This was to be followed by a 'dunking' in our bathtub, but we were hesitant as one of the ladies who attended with her son was a police officer. Fortunately, the group had asked before hand if we could arrange a game of "hide the egg".  This provided a good opportunity for Carissa to invite all those with children outside. We realize it is usually the adults who hide the eggs, but sometimes you do what you gotta do! So while the kids were hiding the eggs, we finished up inside. Afterward, the whole group went out, the adults hiding the eggs now, and the world of easter egg hunts was made right again. It actually seemded like the adults enjoyed the game more than the kids! Later on in the evening, as things were winding down, came the best moment of the night as a young girl named Esther became a new sister!

We were also able to celebrate Mother's day in a special way. We all went out to a restaurant where about 15 mother's, many with their children, met to celebrate. We surprised them all with flowers and chocolate (everybody loves chocolate, right?). Steve was able to share a message of hope and encouragement for these ladies. This was followed by an opportunity for anyone to share what their mother meant to them. Not to many of them did, but there were a couple who really broke down when they began to speak. It was a really special evening, and hopefully some of those who came will also come to the weekend study.

The big girls are almost finished with school for the year.  Vaylah is showing her excitement for the last day of Saxon second grade math!  Our last day of school is June 15th.  Not bad for starting October 15th!  They are most excited about taking a break from Chinese lessons this summer.  Vaylah does not enjoy writing characters at all!!!!

This guy had his second birthday! 

Dayuma is unfortunately caught in perpetual kindergarten.  Her lessons are the last thing we get to each day, so she is in the school year that will never end!  She has begun reading and writing , so we are making progress, and she is thrilled.  Recently on a relaxed night at the table, the big girls were reading silently during dinner.  I looked again and Day had her k-reader open in front of her.  She's a big girl now.   


-This Sunday, the 19th, we will be traveling to Thailand to take care of some medical issues. Steve will be seeing a GI doctor there, and likely undergoing some tests (colonoscopy, etc - good times). We will also try to take care of some routine things for the kids while we are here. Please ask the Father for Steve, that he would see the right doctor who can prescribe the right course of action. We continue to actively ask for his complete healing, but at the same time are not opposed to seeking help for the medical field.
-There is an opportunity for us to move into a house in a village about 30 minutes outside of the city. There would be pros and cons to this move. It is a large, stand-alone house with a small yard (which is rare here), adjacent to an empty field leading into a wood and up a mountain. This is exciting to think about for our family, and the house would lend itself to numerous ministry opportunities, but we are not sure of the timing. Even though it is not that far away, it would still be difficult to move again just as we are getting settled in and making friend here- especially for the kids. So please ask for wisdom for this decision, as we have to make it by the end of the month.

New Contact info:

We love to hear from everyone, but communication has been difficult lately as the computer we have been using has no web cam,  and we also lost our magic jack phone after two years.(Someone chewed on it - you'll never guess who). So now  we have a new phone number via skype.  You can call us at 215-310-5864.  Please remember there is a 12 hour time difference :)

Blessings to all and to all a good night!

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