Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Year of the Dragon!

Well it's the year of the dragon. We celebrated Chinese new year the last week of January. This year we celebrated with Chinese friends. We were invited to a friend's house for a huge dinner which was followed by lots of presents for the kids. After the new year children traditionally receive red envelopes with money in them if they say happy new year to the right people. Well, our children said it to everyone, and made about 80 rmb. The second year brings more knowledge.

Carissa is busy keeping the home running, and hanging out with Dayuma and Abishai.

Ruthee is about to turn 8! She is doing great in school and looking forward to having a sleepover next weekend. She wants to get her ears pierced for her birthday......which is done at the hospital with novocaine and needles?????? (let you know how that goes )

Vaylah loves the first grade. She is losing a best friend this month. A little american guy is moving to a different city. We are "hoping" He will give another close friend to Vay.

Dayuma is doing better all around. She is finally starting to speak a little chinese. She seems to be experiencing less culture shock.

Abishai is finally crawling, pulling up to standing, eating solids, saying mama, saying baba( chinese for daddy) and drinking from a sippy cup. Everyone in our building calls him by his chinese name, and he smiles every time.

Steve is still enjoying his Saturday group very much. He is beginning to disciple 4 of the guys that attend the group in our home on Tuesday nights. Below is a picture of the saturday group having a New year party in our apartment.

Chinese people love playing "dirty santa".

Please ask for improvment in Ruthee's hearing. She has some air pressure problems in her inner ear canal.
Also for our summer plans....guidance....

Also for Tuesday nights.

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